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"Bears" Add-On  Lesson

During this unit on "Bears" add-on lesson learners will be exposed to many types of real bears, teddy bears and fictitious bears. They will hear many facts and characteristics about Grizzly bears, Brown bears, Koala bears, Panda bears and Polar bears.

They will hear about how each of the bears differ and how they are similar. Learners will be introduced to the procedure of hibernating and may even get to experience what a bear’s den would be like. Learners will also discover many concepts through the use of fictional bears such as:
Baloo Big Brown Bear
Smokey Little Bear
Pooh Paddington
Yogi Bear

Learners will get to share a teddy bear with the class and incorporate much fun and learning through the use of their bears. With the use of bears Learners will create, play, sing and imagine.

Teachers will incorporate bears into the classroom centers, crafts, snacks, reading and movement and action. This unit on bears is sure to be a winner with your pre-schoolers. They will be enjoying themselves so much it won’t even seem like they are learning at all. Add this exciting unit on bears to your lesson plans and you will be “beary” glad you did.

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This Lesson accompanies The Carpenter’s Kids® pre-school curriculum. The Bible-based curriculum includes academic basics, sign language, beginning Spanish, and Biblical lessons formatted to teach Learners in a classroom setting or one-on-one in a Home School.

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