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"Healthy Habits" Add-On  Lesson

This unit on "Healthy Habits" add-on lesson focuses on keeping the body healthy through proper eating, rest, exercise, hygiene and drinking of water.

Learners will hear how God made our bodies and wants us to do all we can to take care of them. This unit provides opportunities to learn the parts of our bodies and how they work.

Some of the centers used during this unit are Health Club Center, Doctor’s Office, and Sorting Fruits and Vegetables.

During this theme Learners will surely practice proper hand washing, explore new and healthy foods, will experience physical exercise and will be challenged to get plenty of rest and water.

This unit lays the foundation for developing young ones into adults who practice healthy habits.

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This Lesson accompanies The Carpenter’s Kids® pre-school curriculum. The Bible-based curriculum includes academic basics, sign language, beginning Spanish, and Biblical lessons formatted to teach Learners in a classroom setting or one-on-one in a Home School.

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