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Intermediate “D’Nealian” Workbook (Discontinued. Call about electronic download)  

The Intermediate "D'Nealian" Workbook
is designed for the Learner and follows the format of The Carpenter’s Kids® program. It includes alphabet tracing pages, alphabet color and cut pages, and color and cut pages for all the shapes introduced in the curriculum. The purpose of this book is to help the Learner practice handwriting along with develop fine motor skills through coloring and cutting. This Workbook uses the “D’Nealian” style of lettering and upper and lower case letters. 

The workbook has sixty-four (64) one-sided pages with a perforated edge so the pages can be torn out if desired. It is spiral bound so the book can be opened and lay flat. This workbook is designed for the Learner who has some previous handwriting experience. The lettering size is slightly smaller than that in the Beginner Workbook. 

The pages of the workbook are not to be reproduced. Each Learner needs his/her own copy.

COST: $12.50 EACH
Includes Shipping and Handling)

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Also available in the Student Package

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Intermediate “D’Nealian” Workbook

Trace the Letter D

Learn the Letter B