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"Miracles on the Sea" Add-On  Lesson

This unit on "Miracles on the Sea" add-on lesson is one of the most exciting lessons I’ve written.

Learners will be introduced to the stories of Jesus calming the storm and walking on the water. There are individual story synopsis and verses so the lesson can be divided into two lessons if you choose.

This unit provides opportunity to attract all five senses as Learners will get to experience life on the Sea as they get in a boat, hear the sounds of waves and thunder, feel the spray of water on their faces and see numerous visuals of boats, water and storms.

Learners are told how God does not want us to be afraid and how He is there for us when we are. This unit provides many activities relating to water, storms, marine life, fear and the power of God.

Not only will Learners have a blast during this unit but will learn that God is in control of nature and that He can calm our fears

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This Lesson accompanies The Carpenter’s Kids® pre-school curriculum. The Bible-based curriculum includes academic basics, sign language, beginning Spanish, and Biblical lessons formatted to teach Learners in a classroom setting or one-on-one in a Home School.

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Created by Robyn L. Hudson

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