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“This curriculum is easily adaptable to children of different learning levels. It is creative and fun, using poetry, songs, rhymes, and movement to teach life issues along with academic basics. It instills good learning habits and a positive foundation for the education process. The spiritual aspects help supplement church teachings and encourage Godly principles and behavior. After being exposed to The Carpenter’s Kids® during her preschool years, my daughter entered kindergarten with a positive attitude about school and learning. She was more than prepared for her academic journey which contributes to her healthy self confidence.”

Angi Franklin, mother (Shailyn Franklin)


“Using an innovative approach of teaching academics in a Biblical context, this creative curriculum enabled our young son to adapt quickly to his first formal learning environment. His motor skills were further developed by the introduction of sign language, and his world expanded daily by exposure to other cultures, such as the program’s introduction to Spanish language. Our son strives daily to please God by being the best boy in his class every day. Thank you The Carpenter’s Kids® for developing the love of learning and putting God’s love in his heart.”

Kathrine Burnett and Marvin Dean, parents (Ross Dean)


“I have bought many teaching programs and The Carpenter’s Kids® curriculum is the most creative, thorough, and interesting program I have ever used. Since I home school thirteen Down Syndrome children, I was interested in a course I could use for children with different levels of mental abilities. This has been an excellent program for me because it is so easy to use and adaptable to different learning levels. All the planning has already been done for me and every step of the way I find great suggestions for fun activities. Not only do the kids learn letters, shapes, numbers, and colors, but they learn so much more in all areas of preschool development. Best of all, the kids thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to all the activities. I would strongly recommend The Carpenter’s Kids® to anyone!”

Jeanette Murphy, mother of home-schooled children


“I have used several preschool curriculums; however, The Carpenter’s Kids® is the only program that allows me to tailor activities to the needs and abilities of my students. The ideas are creative, fresh, and encourage the children to take a “hands on” approach to learning. The best part about The Carpenter’s Kids® is that from alphabet to numbers, colors, to Christian values, it provides a strong educational foundation for preschool students.”

Cori Cambre, Pre-K4 Lead Teacher

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