Q: What skills will my child learn through this program?

A: There are lessons for learning letters, shapes, numbers, colors, themes, Bible stories, memory verses, music, poetry, beginning Spanish, Sign Language, and more. It depends on the instructor as to how much or how little the children will encounter.

Q: Will this program work for special needs children who are not necessarily typical learners?

A: Yes. This curriculum is so diversified that it can easily be used for children with physical handicaps or mental disabilities. The suggestions for teaching are developmental so children can learn at their own individual pace. There are numerous ideas for teaching children using all of the various learning styles through hands on, listening, visual, etc.

Q: Is this curriculum suitable for home school and private school?

A: Yes. The Carpenter’s Kids® is written to work one-on-one or in a classroom setting. Some of the suggestions work better with one setting over the other, but there are plenty of ideas for teaching both.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for using this particular curriculum? Will I need specific equipment or supplies?

A: No. Most of the suggestions in the curriculum call for inexpensive items that can be found around the home or ones that can be easily obtained (toilet paper rolls, scrap material, paper, paints, pasta noodles, etc.). The curriculum is very easy to understand and incorporate. No formal teaching education or experience is necessary. The most important requirement is time, a love for children, and a heart for God.

Q: What makes The Carpenter’s Kids® unique?

A: The program encourages children to use their own imaginations and creativity. Since the curriculum allows Learners to develop on an individual basis, they are not compared to the development and progress of others. They are able to focus on learning to their potential, not others around them. This program is very organized and structured, but leaves much room for the individual needs and interests of the instructor and the Learner.

Q: Is this program interesting enough to keep children’s attention?

A: Yes. The program incorporates games, centers, play, stories, music, movement, snacks, crafts, and activities to teach learners academic and moral lessons. If used properly, the program will stimulate all five of the Learner’s senses. They will learn and explore through many different avenues. They will gain knowledge without even knowing they have been taught.

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