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Dry Eraser Board
  • Display dry eraser boards and chalkboards for Learners to draw Rectangles.
Shaping Center
  • Supply Learners with various manipulatives to shape Rectangles (straws, ribbon, crepe paper, pencils, strips of paper, twist ties, Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, etc.).
Sorting Center
  • Provide Learners with various varieties of chewing gum wrappers.
  • Sort the wrappers by size or kind and place them in a Rectangular envelope or folder.
Grouping Center
  • Write the numbers one (1) through twelve (12) on index cards or envelopes (one per card).
  • Supply Learners with Rectangular-shaped chewing gum wrappers, paper, foam pieces, etc.
  • Tell Learners to place the appropriate number of wrappers on the corresponding card.
  • If using envelopes, place the correct amount of wrappers inside the envelopes.
  • This Center needs seventy-eight (78) Rectangular pieces.
Play Dough Center
  • Supply Learners with play dough and cookie cutters of things that are Rectangles.
  • Learners can use Popsicle sticks or plastic knives to cut Rectangles from the dough.
  • Learners can shape windows, beds, doors, tables, signs, bricks, etc. from the dough. They can also create lots of flavors of chewing gum sticks from the play dough.
Building Center
  • Supply Rectangular blocks, Lego’s, and VHS tapes for Learners to build doors, tables, boats, and other Rectangular items. Let Learners also build with Rectangular-shaped crackers.
  • Alphabetizing and Numbering Center
  • Write numbers and letters on Rectangular pieces of wood (Wood Quilting Woodsies).
  • Learners can arrange the pieces in alphabetical and numerical order.
Patterning Center
  • Use Rectangular-shaped items such as foam, wood, paper, cloth, etc.
  • Use different colors and sizes of Rectangular items to create a pattern.
  • Glue the Rectangles to a piece of paper creating several patterns such as: red, blue, green, red, blue, green; big, bigger, biggest, big, bigger, biggest; foam, wood, foam, wood, etc.
  • Let Learners copy the sample patterns by aligning their Rectangular pieces in the same manner.

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